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A Quick and Dirty Saturday Pub Hunt

18 June 2010 No Comment

A couple of Saturdays ago my long-time barhopping cohort and I had a few hours in the afternoon free so decided to go find a few more local bars.

The problem was, we were having a hard time finding places we hadn’t already been!

We started out in Sugar Creek at a place called Cuzzy’s, but we quickly realized we had actually been there before back when it was the Tonahill Sugar Inn.

So after an obligatory beer ($2 for a small draw in a paper cup… kinda high!) we set off on a search that would end up zig-zagging us nearly 200 miles throughout the east and southeast parts of the metro…

#710: Elbow Bend

12402 Blue Ridge Ext, Suite D
Grandview, MO 64030
(816) 765-7070



I didn’t know such a thing existed in the Kansas City area, but Elbow Bend is a Pittsburgh Steelers themed bar.

The owners is a huge Steelers fan, as is her husband. The bar is decked out in Steelers memorabilia, and the husband has even been known to show off his Steelers underwear. The bar can get a little crazy during NFL season. Unfortunately they don’t have a Sunday license so have to settle for the Monday night games.

Apart from football watch parties, the bar also features pool tables, a shuffleboard, Silver Strike, and an old CD jukebox. It also has a friendly bartender and some of the friendliest regulars you could hope to meet.

#711: Doghouse Bar & Grill

6109 Main St.
Grandview, MO 64030
(816) 765-3039


This aging but well-kept bar is one of two intoxicating bookends to this strip mall on the south side of Main right off 71 Hwy.

The small L-shaped bar in the back is clean and comfortable and run by very personable bartenders. The bar features two pool tables, a shuffleboard, and older versions of Silver Strike and Golden Tee. (There’s no darts anymore, however.) There’s an internet juke box at the front end of the bar. Keeping with the name, dog “sculptures” decorate the bar. (Including an increasingly-rare Spuds McKenzie.)

This is one of those everyone-knows-everyone places, and the people here were very nice.

#712: Highlander Bar & Grill

6305 Main St.
Grandview, MO 64030
Get Directions (816) 767-0504


This aging (and showing it) bar is the other of two intoxicating bookends to this strip mall on the south side of Main right off 71 Hwy.

The hook-shaped bar in the back was full when we arrived, all old men. However the departure of two allowed us a place to sit. The guys here were all pretty friendly.

The bar featured a pool table and dart boards. I’m pretty sure there was a juke box though I am not certain.

Beer is nice and cheap here, and served in cold mugs. (But not frozen, thankfully!)

#713: Eddie’s Bar & Grill

8226 E. Bannister Rd
Kansas City, MO 64134
(816) 761-1767


This is a bar I’d never heard of and likely would never have known about, if not for my friend’s eagle eye. He had spotted it several months ago and tried to tell me about “this real shithole looking place” he had found, but I could never find it on my own. So, on a Saturday we both had free, we ended up deciding to head there together.

When we first arrived the owner had just unlocked the door, but she was not ready for customers yet. She seemed very suspicious of us and told us to come back in about an hour. (Hence why this is bar #713 instead of #710 as it originally would have been.)

When we returned the second time the man who was with the owner earlier asked me suspiciously about my camera and notebook. I explained about my hobby, and suddenly the mood changed. The owner (Leslie) apologized too us for her earlier mood, and everyone all around was very friendly to us from that point on.

“Make no mistake, this place is a shithole, and proud of it,” said the guy who had asked me about my camera. So I guess my friend’s description was not out of line. :)

However, as “shitholes” go, this is actually a pretty nice place. It’s also quite a bit bigger than you’d think from the outside. It’s well-maintained and not a bad neighborhood hangout at all.

Located in the dying Robandee Shopping Center, this place has been here a long time. Leslie told us she had worked here for 15 years before buying it 3 years ago.

I asked her why it’s still named Eddie’s, given that her name is Leslie. “Oh, honey, when I bought this place I had to deal with a mountain of paperwork half a foot thick and go to Jeff City to get fingerprinted and a background check. No way was I going to add to that by going through the renaming process too!”

There’s bartop trivia, darts, and I believe there were a couple of arcade games behind me. They’ve scaled back the kitchen, though, there’s food only 1 day a week now and Saturday isn’t that day much to the chagrin of our hungry bellies.

Though there’s still 3-4 more bars out this way we haven’t been to yet, we decided to save them for a future Saturday and make our way to another part of town.

We headed out to Blue Springs from here because there are a handful of strip mall bars along 7 Hwy that we hadn’t been to yet. So after a long drive down Bannister/95th/Colbern we finally reached Blue Springs, only to find that nearly all of these bars open so late on Saturday that there was no way we were going to be able to visit any of them. Only one was open…

#714: Roadies Rockhouse

1320 N. MO-7
Blue Springs, MO 64104
(816) 228-1625

[map] [web]

We stopped in here because it was the ONLY bar along 7 Hwy in Blue Springs open… all the rest opened too late and missed out on our visit.

There’s some confusion on the name because it still says Harley Hotrods everywhere outside, but a painted sign indoors says “Roadies Rockhouse” and a liquor license search confirms the new name.

The bar is located in a retail space that has served many purposes — including, if my childhood memory is correct, a national-chain drug store. So it’s a very large space and has a tremendous amount of seating.

The main room has a pool table, several arcade games, foosball, and the stage. There’s two more rooms, one is full of pool tables and the other I didn’t explore.

The rotating specials allow for very cheap drinking — we had 16oz PBR for $1 each. That’s a steal!

There was one thing that I did find amusing about the place. To me, this is clearly not a place for kids. Yet high chairs and booster seats are available.

#715: Damage Control

815 N. Noland Rd.
Independence, MO 64050
(816) 461-1117

[map] [web]

Waaaay back when I was a youth this was called Neiner’s and was THE place for all the metalheads to go hang out. At some point it became Nick’s, and then more recently was known as The Pig. It still catered to the heavy metal crowd throughout that time.

Now it’s called Damage Control. The crowds are more mellow than in the past, and they are diversifying the acts to cover all facets of rock instead of just metal. (There’s even an Acoustic Night.)

The bar is very old and run down. Some might even describe it as crappy. But it has potential. The bartenders were all very nice and friendly.

In addition to the music, there’s pool and darts. Monday night is dart league night, the bartender waffled on whether the bar is open to the general public that night or not.

There’s also a menu that is surprisingly interesting and diverse for a place like this. One appetizer that caught my eye was the Tube Screamers — cheese sticks that are wrapped in ham before being breaded and fried. Basically, ham & cheese sandwiches in stick form.

#716: The Landing

1189 W. Kansas
Liberty, MO 64068
(816) 792-5230

[map] [web]

Popular locally-owned suburban sports bar with good good and great happy hour deals (2 for 1 drinks). UFC, live music, and Golden Tee are big deals here. Free popcorn at the bar!

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